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Swedish Massage with Organic Oil

Swedish Massage with Organic Oil

AED 525 / 60 mins

AED 750 / 90 mins

Ideally, a Swedish massage treatment is what would pop-up in an individual’s mind, if they were seeking an escape from daily stress. It is one of the most widely known massage treatment, with a primary aim to bring the body to a completely relaxed state. How does a therapist achieve this? They rub the muscles using gliding movements, pushing the blood circulation towards the heart. One may avail a Swedish massage to experience an increased blood oxygen level, decreased toxins in the muscles, enhanced circulation and mobility simultaneously reducing stress.

Recent studies depict individuals who availed a single Swedish massage therapy have seen a significant drop in their stress levels. Similarly, an increase in lymphocytes, has also come into attention. Swedish massage aids in boosting immunity and combating cold and flu.

Swedish Massage Techniques

In addition to the methods mentioned above, it also involves pressure applied using circular motions. The therapist kneads her hands and palms to apply pressure on the muscles, taps, bends and stretches the body. It would be helpful if you communicate with your masseuse prior to the massage. In that way, they will be able to offer you a tailor-made service, suiting your needs and requirement.

Swedish Massage with Organic Oil

A Swedish massage generally involves four most common techniques:


Effleurage - directs the strokes towards the heart and increases the flow of the blood.


Petrissage - the aim of this technique is to extract knots from the muscles and release toxins.


Friction - involves warming the palms of the masseuse, thereby heating the body's muscles.


Tapotement - involves tapping the muscles, creating a revitalizing feeling.

Swedish massage treatment

Why opt for A Swedish Massage?

Any massage, but specifically a Swedish massage, is intended to enable you to be as relaxed as possible. Relaxation, however, does not amount to more or less pressure or any less of a therapeutic advantage. Depending on your preference, a Swedish massage usually varies from mild to strong pressure. Although we can use deep pressure, the purpose of a Swedish massage is to have long, flowing massage strokes which, combined with deep pressure, tend not to be as successful.

Organic Oil For Massage

A Swedish massage is meant to relax the body and mind during the 60- or 90-minute session. In this treatment, the therapist generally doesn’t focus on a specific area, and performs a full body massage to promote relaxation. Additionally, the Swedish massage aids in reducing pain, combats insomnia, anxiety, depression and tiredness.

We offer a one hour and 90-minute session, priced at AED 500 and AED 750, respectively. For bookings or enquiries, contact us on +971504084074.

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