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Mani Pedi & Feets

Mani Pedi & Feets

AED 475

Brittle nails, chipped nail paint and cracked heels? If your nails and feet are in need for some urgent grooming, we at Adel Spa have you covered!

We offer a unique spa experience from the pristine manicure and pedicure equipment to comfortable padded seating. Our talented aestheticians will transform your nails and skin from rugged to clean and elegant. You are guaranteed endless compliments to your hands and feet, post your treatment. Our services include caring for natural nails, nail extensions, nail art and several other manicure, pedicure and spa treatments in Dubai. We make the process of booking an appointment easy and hassle-free. Book online or get in touch via WhatsApp and we will reserve you a spot.

The Steps to A Spa Treatment


The most popular treatment in spas could be manicure and pedicure. After all, who doesn't want to be pampered by an expert aesthetician treating their hands and feet. It's great for the skin. Although there are several different types of treatments, the most common procedures are as follows.

Number 1

Nail Polish Removal

As obvious as it may seem, this step is often skipped by clients before they visit the spa. We use good quality acetone, and avoid excess contact to the skin, as it causes dryness.

Number 2

Soak Hands/Feet

We fill a bowl with warm water and calming fragrances to soak your hands and feet. After a few minutes, the beautician pat dries your hands and feet. This step allows the cuticles to soften up, making it easier to remove them.

Number 3


The therapist applies cuticle oil on your nail bed after the soaking procedure, gently massaging the cuticles and hands. They then take the cuticular stick, push the dead skin back and cut the cuticles.;

Number 4


Exfoliation is mainly for the feet. It helps in eliminating dead skin on the surface of your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and healthy. The therapist will scrub the back of your feet using an exfoliating foot scrub and a foot file.

Number 5

Shape Your Nails

The aesthetician will ask you to choose your nail shape at this point. You can always speak with the aesthetician if you want a different shape from your regular choice. They will be able to guide you with a shape that will most likely suit you.

Number 6

Nail Paint Application

This is the final step of your manicure and pedicure treatment. Choose from our extensive range of nail polishes, which are bound to leave you feeling confused. If you are unable to pick a color, you can always check with our aesthetician.

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