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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

AED 630 / 60 mins

AED 945 / 90 mins

The hot stone massage is a type of massage treatment that uses heated stones made of basalt. These stones are volcanic and good at absorbing heat. This kind of therapy can be found to be used by Native Americans for centuries. This kind of massage requires an expert hand, and it is not an easy procedure to master. The stone is sanitized and placed in hot water measuring up to 250 degrees. After this, the heated stone is placed on specific parts of the body beginning with the spine of the client. These parts may include the stomach, chest, face, palms and even the feet and toes. The hot stone massage is considered to be excellent for the heart and it reduces stress and anxiety in the elderly.

Benefits of hot Stone Pedicure

Hot stone massage reduces the inflammation and tension in the skeletal muscles and has been proven to decrease soreness. One of the major problems that people of all ages face is the lack of sleep. Stress, busy schedules and insomnia cause a person to get less than 7 hours sleep a night. The treatment involving hot stones eliminates these problems and lets the client have a good night’s sleep.

Customer Reviews

I have always wanted to get a hot stone massage but never got around to doing it. The hot stone massage I got at Adel Spa was just amazing. I feel so relaxed and sleep a lot better now. Richard

I am over 50 years old and have been struggling with arthritis for some time now. After the hot stone massage from Adel Spa, the pain and soreness has definitely decreased. Thank you so much! Alex

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