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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

AED 630 / 60 mins

AED 945 / 90 mins

While a Swedish massage may seem indistinguishable from a deep tissue massage, there is a minor difference. What sets these two massages apart from each other is the techniques used during the treatment. In a deep tissue massage service, the masseuse applies a significant amount of pressure, enabling chronic pain relief and tension stored in the body’s muscles. The emphasis is on the deeper muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia layers. Fascia layer is a protective cover for the bones, muscles, and joints. Additionally, it is beneficial in releasing strain patterns, allowing the posture of the body to realign itself.

Recent studies show the effect of a single deep tissue massage session. Individuals have noticed a significant drop in their blood pressure levels. Additionally, in a 2010 medical journey, it was found that treatments such as a deep tissue massage aid in lowering the levels of stress hormones as well as the heart rate. It also triggers the release of oxytocin and serotonin, known to boost both mood and relaxation.

Five Major Reasons Why You Should Get A Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

The ideal way of healing sore or tired muscles is to get a deep tissue massage from a certified massage center. The professional masseuse will go deep into the muscles, working on areas that require specific attention. The massage is a great way to reduce chronic pains that occur from those long hours of sitting behind the desk.

Number 1

Decreased Pain

The muscles begin to loosen up after receiving the massage therapy, further alleviating the stress induced by the pain. The massage, as described above, increases blood flow, which helps to recover the pain quickly. The increased distribution of blood throughout the body can help to reduce inflammation.

Number 2

Enhanced Blood Pressure

As the body relaxes, the muscles release stress and tension — and as a result, the pain is minimized. The approach also has a positive effect on blood pressure. A deep tissue massage treatment is known to increase serotonin, making you feel a lot happier.

Number 3

Eliminates Scar Tissue

The deep tissue massage treatment helps in breaking down car tissues, which usually contribute to soreness and stress over time. Other benefits include lymphatic drainage and improved flexibility. It’s rewarding to those recovering from surgery or other related ailments. 

Number 4

Restores Injured Muscles

One of the main reasons why athletes opt for massage, is that it’s an ideal treatment for injured muscles. Stress stored in muscles blocks oxygen and nutrients from flowing smoothly throughout the body. A deep tissue massage treatment helps in relaxing the muscles, allowing streamlined flow in the body. Doing so also helps in reducing the levels of pain.

Number 5

Lowered Stress Levels

In a deep tissue massage treatment, the therapist uses lotions combined with pressure to thoroughly stimulate the muscles closer to the surface to hit the deeper muscles. Allow your body to relax and let the masseuse sort out all the stress stored in your body.

Tissue massage

We recommend consulting a well-trained therapist to help you understand better if a deep tissue massage service would be beneficial to you. To reserve your session, call us on +971 50 4084074.

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