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Why invest in Swedish massage?

Massage for something beyond relaxation such as pain relief, ridding of body toxins, regular blood circulation and oxygen traffic in the body is usually known as Swedish massage. It works differently than the traditional massage that helps you relax and induce sleep. The signature long gliding movements to normalize the blood flow towards heart and effort to deal with the superficial muscles of whole body rather than specific points at the deep level set the Swedish massage apart and makes it popular.

If you’re having second thoughts about investing in Swedish massage for a healthy life, let us help you decide.

There are certain key and signature benefits of Swedish massage that make it a necessity no matter if you’re a housewife, working woman, a business owner, a corporate employee or an executive.

It Relives Pain and Stress

A study published in New York Times reported that the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine exposed the volunteers of the study to 45-minutes Swedish massage and results showed that the volunteers experienced a sudden and significant decrease of Cortisol level; a stress hormone. Their analysis of their nervous system also showed a decrease in arginine vasopressin- a hormone which directly boosts the cortisol in the human body.

It proves that how the specific techniques used in Swedish massage can help you release the stress better than any other relaxation therapy or massage.

It Relieves Pain

Swedish massage is known for its techniques to relieve pain such as circular pressure on pain points with palms, firm kneading, bending and stretching. It is the most natural way to relieve muscle pain and cure superficial injuries which don’t have any deep influences in the body. People with conditions like osteoarthritis and sciatica can benefit from it.

It Boosts the Immune System

Like all other therapies, Swedish massage boosts the immune system, but its effects have been proven to be beneficial than any other type of massage through research. The volunteers who received 45-minute Swedish massage in the above-mentioned study published in the New York Times also experienced the upsurge in the number of the lymphocytes; the white blood cells. As white blood cells are mainly responsible for the immune system’s functions, the Swedish massage proves to help people fight different diseases such as infections.

Not only this, but the reduced Cortisol level also boosts the immune system that improves the overall health.

It Increases Flexibility

Flexibility helps you take the control of your body and move it however you want. If you have had a tough time in ground or gym, this massage might be for you. Unlike any other massage specialties, the signature techniques of Swedish massage coupled with regular stretching help you re-gain the muscle flexibility and body control. It also helps you get rid of the workout minor injuries such as ankle sprain with quick massage movements.

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