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The reasons for getting a hot stone massage

Using flat, smooth and heated stones (130 – 145 degree) on the pain points of your body and coupling it with key Swedish massage techniques such as circular movements, kneading and long strokes makes hot stone massage one of the popular massage therapies.

In hot stone massage, the stones are strategically placed on different stressed and strained parts of your body such as shoulders, chest, back, stomach, spine or face. The heat retained in these stones made of Basalt and therapeutic massage techniques help your body relax, relieve pain and lose the muscle tension.

Here are certain other key benefits of hot stone massage that you might need to know before scheduling an appointment.

Why Invest in Hot Stone Massage?

Using heat to reduce the injury pain has been in use since centuries. Hot stone massage is the strategic modernization of something we are already used to.

It Releases Stress and Reduces Anxiety

Almost every person experiences an emotional problems nowadays. It can be mild stress, general anxiety or depression. For the very basic symptoms, you can find shelter in hot stone massage. It is proven to improve the cardiovascular response and deal with the hormonal fluctuations that cause stress. The reduction of Cortisol (a stress hormone) and positive effect on dopamine (a happiness hormone) through heat have also been proven through research.

It Improves Sleep

The alterations in dopamine level in the body through hot stone massage and Swedish massage techniques not only help you relax and feel happy but also help you adopt a regulated sleep cycle. Research published in an online journal Hogrefe says that back massage can be a good substitute of sleeping pills for adults who have insomnia or those who experience unbeatable tiredness. As a parent, you might have witnessed that a quick back massage to your baby can help him fall asleep quickly. The system works similarly for adults with hot stone massage.

It helps you Fight Cancer

Journal of Pain and Symptom management claims that massage, specifically hot stone massage can work to reduce the symptoms of cancer. The study examined the effect of this massage on 1290 cancer patients with symptoms like depression, insomnia, anxiety and nausea. The research says that the kind of human touch involved in Swedish massage might be the reason for such marvelous change.

It Boosts the Immune System’s Performance

Regulated blood circulation, the flow of oxygen and tension free muscles in the body are enough to claim that hot stone massage helps you improve the functioning of the immune system. It is your chance to avoid infections, enjoy the relaxation until your next massage and feel healthy.

Muscle Tension and Pain

The most prominent role of hot stone massage is to rid your body of muscle tension and pain. It helps your muscles reach their maximum flexibility and enables you to perform better at physical activities such as sports or gym.

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