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The best massage oils and their benefits

There are many different massage oils out there and all have potentially different effects on the skin and body. Always make sure that your client does not have any allergies to nuts, like peanut, almond etc. So, when you use any kind of oil for a massage that incorporates any kind of nuts. You need to really make sure beforehand that your client has no allergies to this type of nuts or oils. Massage oils have scents, artificial, synthetic materials in them, so that's another thing to be cautioned of. Be careful that you don't incorporate any kind of strong scent or strong synthetic ingredient that may react with your client's skin.

Best massage oil and their benefits

Olive oil: It is generally used for a lighter massage and it easily gets absorbed into the skin. Olive oil is widely used in massage that involves monotonous movement and sweeping your body.


  • It moisturizes your skin and helps fighting dry skin and thus repair skin damage by reducing oxidative stress during a massage.
  • Relieve spasms, aches and muscle pain.
  • Improve blood circulation and improve your energy level

Coconut oil: It is light, non-greasy and quickly absorb into your skin. It is mostly used in heavy massages, like deep tissue massage, shiatsu, and reflexology.


  • It is pretty stable as it contains medium-chain fatty acid. When you massage coconut oil on your body, it will get absorbed if you let it stay for some time.
  • Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E that prevents your skin from aging.
  • It is full of saturated fats that prevent your skin from drying and keep your skin moisturized.

Almond oil: It is pale yellow massage oil with a mild and sweet fragrance which is widely used by a massage therapist. It is a bit greasy and lets your hands glide smoothly on the skin. Sweet almond oil is best suited for all types of skin and does not irritate the skin.


  • It is so mild and gentle that it can be used on a baby's skin too. It has anti-inflammatory properties that hydrate your skin and relieves rashes.
  • Prevent skin damage caused by exposure to UV radiation
  • Nourishes your skin and prevent tanning and sun damage
  • Promote muscle relaxation and also have mild pain-relieving properties.

Grape seed oil: It gives a rich feeling and makes your skin glossy. The safest bet for massage oils would be grape seed oil which is hypoallergenic and also edible, If it is edible, that's a generally good rule of thumb that you can safely use it on the skin. Grapes seed oil is also great because it has a long shelf life and is pretty cost-effective.


  • It is perfect carrier oil and you can mix other essential oils and herbs in it.
  • It is loaded with linoleic acid, vitamin E and phenolic compounds that prevent inflammation and keeps your skin healthy.

Sunflower oil: It is thin and light oil and turns rancid quickly. It is suggested that you should buy it in a small quantity and store in a dry and cool place.


  • Enhance skin texture by improving the moisture levels
  • Prevents signs of aging by clearing all the toxins and moisturized your skin.
  • Regular massage with sunflower oil makes your skin glowing.
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