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The advantages of getting an aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage lends the power from essential oils and transmits energy and happiness in your way. Specifically known for stress and pain relief, aromatherapy has just become a popular domain of Swedish massage.

A number of essential oils; unaccompanied or mixed with each other are inhaled or directly applied to the body to provide you with relaxing, soothing and pleasing experiences. Research says aromatherapy massage can be one of the highly amortizing investments in your psychological health that help you thrive mentally as well as physically.

Here are a few key benefits of aromatherapy massage that cannot be enjoyed with other regular massages with no involvement of essential oils.

It helps Treat Emotional Problems

Treatment for stress, anxiety and depression is the topmost service delivered through aromatherapy massage by many luxurious spas in Dubai. The reason for such confidence is the fact that the brain areas that control the emotions and memory are closely connected with the area that receives and processes the olfactory sensations (smell). Research says certain aromas and scents such as the smell from nature or scent of a closed one trigger the release of serotonin and dopamine (happiness hormones) and this is the idea aromatherapy massage is based on.

Different essential oils such as lavender and chamomile help you feel relaxed while others such as rosemary help you feel elated. You can talk about your problems with your massage specialist and s/he will make the right decision for you.

It helps You Deal with Menstruation

Whether it is regular period cramps or menopause symptoms, aromatherapy massage can help you deal with both effectively.

Many women don’t like stuffing their blood with tablets and drugs which help them control the symptoms. The best substitute to deal with such a crucial health issue without jeopardizing the health condition is to find a natural solution which you can happily find in aromatherapy massage. Research published in Menopause and Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology tells that women who experience severe menstrual cramps experienced a great reduction in pain after using rose essential oil on the first days of their 2 menstruations and women experiencing the hot-flashes and other symptoms of menopause also experienced a reduction in the symptoms after receiving aromatherapy massage.


While going for aromatherapy massage, make it sure that you choose a spa with professional and trained staff. Don’t feel shy during the massage and ask any question or give any direction you want. Always inform your therapist about the skin or scent allergies of you have any and take precautionary measures suggested by the spa before going for your scheduled appointment.

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