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Massage therapy for health purpose

Broadly speaking, people used to get a massage either for relaxation and general well being or to address pain or limited range of motion. Massage therapy has originated thousands of years back, with its roots in many different cultures. Massage therapy includes different styles and techniques in which a therapist uses various degrees of pressure and manipulation according to the needs and requirements of a client. Massage is considered as a part of complementary and alternative medicine. It helps to cure many diseases some of them are mentioned below.

Massage therapies to cure various diseases

Massage techniques to cure vertigo

Vertigo causes a spinning sensation and dizziness and this can also lead to nausea, loss of balance and hearing. Vertigo is widely regarded as vestibular disorders that affect the brain and inner ear. If you are afraid of medication or surgery, massage is another option that helps to an extent to cure this disease.

Massage for constipation, gas & weight loss

The treatment of massaging the stomach is an ancient remedy that is used to treat issues related to the abdominal area.  The stomach area is one of the most important points of focus. A regular pressure applied to the abdominal area gives internal organs a push to prevent health issues and function correctly. It is believed that a healthy stomach is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. Generally, abdominal massage involves a circular clockwise motion to improve blood circulation in the body. It will eventually improve digestion and prevent constipation.

Massage therapy for thoracic outlet syndrome

It is a pathological condition in which the thoracic outlet gets compressed and results in head, arm, neck and shoulder pain with poor blood circulation. The symptoms of such syndrome are; swelling in hand, bluish discoloration in hands, weakness and your hands will feel cold due to poor blood circulation. A good massage treatment is beneficial in treating symptoms present in Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Trigger point and neuromuscular therapy help to cure such issues and a deep tissue massage help to break down the fascial adhesions found in thoracic outlet region.

Massage therapy for disc herniation

Massage therapy is beneficial in muscular injuries and especially which affect the spinal cord. Disc herniation is a condition in which the outer portion of the vertebral disc is torn. A deep tissue massage will help to cure this disease. Aroma oils are used along with massage therapy to cut down the muscle spasm and calm down the pain in the affected region.

Massage therapy for bulging disc

It is a condition in which the spongy-cushion matter present in the center of the intervertebral disc and the spinal disc remains contained within the outer portion. The pressure on bulging disc causes severe pain. Some patients suffering from this disease are not able to perform normal activities due to severe and relentless pain. Mini-back bend technique (an internal self-massage technique) is good for treating a bulging disc.

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