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How headaches can be managed with a good massage

Among the prevalent illnesses, headache is reported to be the most dominant one. It is more common in women than in men and it is the illness most people around the globe seek the prescription for. Headaches, whether caused by anxiety, stress and tiredness or a migraine, urge people to use medication. Due to its ability to interfere with the normal functioning of human body, people seek the quickest way out until their bodies develop a resistance and they wait for a miracle.

In such a situation, massage therapy can help recurring headaches. If used in the right way, it never lets you go for temporary medication.

Massage therapy is the process of using different hands-on techniques with palms and fingers on the specific stress points of the body to relieve pain, anxiety and muscle tension. It works to relax your whole body and induce sleep. Different essential oils are also used in massage therapies to relieve headaches.

What Type of Headaches can be treated with Massage Therapy?

There are multiple headache types such as a Migraine which is usually heredity and comes with sudden episodes of anxiety and Tension Headaches which are usually caused by the tough routine and workload. There is also Sinus Headaches which usually have different origin that stress and tiredness such as digestion problems. It is advised to first find the root cause of a sinus headache by consulting your physician than to find a solution through massage therapy.

How Can Massage Therapy Help Cure Headaches?

  • Massage therapists are professionals who understand the types and nature of the headaches. They understand the pain points and use tested techniques to help you relieve the pain.
  • Irregular blood flow also causes tension leading to a headache. The massage therapist identifies the areas with reduced blood flow and uses specific hand movements to increase the blood flow in that particular area which eventually cures your headache.
  • Massage therapists identify the pain points; the tender muscles causing pain and use different pressuring techniques to release the tension that causes pain. They also identify and fix the chronically tight muscles around your neck and shoulder which directly cause the headaches and eye-strains.
  • Massage therapy is also known for activating the Para Sympathetic Nervous System and boosting the production of dopamine and reducing the release of Cortisol that helps your body relax and relieve pain. It also helps you have a good sleep.
  • Massage therapy cannot completely deal with a migraine but can help ease the symptoms and cure the anxiety that comes with it. It also reduces the duration of the migraine attacks and they might become less prevent than before through regular massage therapy particularly during the migraine attack.

Western medicine has a natural substitute in massage therapy which is the safe and healthy way to reduce pain and enjoy a wonderful life.

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