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Discover why it’s a great idea to have a massage with your partner

What could be more romantic than getting a couples massage?

There are literally hundreds of articles on the benefits of massage therapy.  But many shy away from discussing the relationship benefits of a couples massage even though it’s becoming more popular than ever.

The concept of a couple massage is created to provide a service to two people in the same room, at the same time, by two different therapists.  Everyone knows and understands the physical merits of a good rubdown, but did you know that it can also affect the emotional aspect as well?  Here are some of the perks of a couple massage.

Helps you relax

With hectic lifestyles, couples have very little time to relax and reconnect together.  Constantly worrying about one thing or another, the mind really doesn’t get a chance to stop and think about your significant other.  But when you’re together, loosening all those tight knots at the same time, the effects of your massage are compounded.  You feel the muscles in your body relax, the tension slips away, and you can see the same happening to your partner. 

You are driven to let go of the past and future, and turn your complete attention to the present moment.  The atmosphere of the spa enhances the mood as well.  With all its professional ambiance, the soft lighting, the warm-toned decor, comfortable furnishings, relaxing scents, and charismatic staff, you have no choice but to immerse yourself in the moment as a couple.

Increases the feeling of affection

A massage stimulates the release of many feel-good hormones.  This boosts the feelings of intimacy and love.  The most notable reaction to touch is the increase of the cuddle chemical also known as oxytocin, along with dopamine and serotonin.  Yep, you guessed it.  These are all the secret ingredients of a love potion.

When a couple gets a full body massage together, they are going to get super cuddly.  Which is great because many couples complain how busy schedules keep them apart and they rarely have time off together.  Couples end up smiling more and, as many speak from experience, they can’t keep their hands off of each other.  So if both of you are turned on, then everything is in full swing.  This promises to take it to the next level; you can anticipate more action in the bedroom later on in the day!

Encourages bonding

As many researchers have proven that if you plan and continue to include aspects of novelty, such as a couple massage, into your relationships, you will have a more rewarding bond with your partner.  For many, this idea is exciting and offers an avenue to a shared adventure.  It helps spice things up in your relationship and brings the both of you closer.   It’s an experience you’ll never want to forget, keeping the fond memory near and dear to your hearts.  It’s guaranteed that you’ll keep talking about the awesome experience, and dream of going back.

Ideally, a couple massage is catered for a husband and wife or intimate partners.  But any duo can avail the opportunity to unwind.  So don’t let that stop any friends, moms, and daughters from going.  Make an appointment for double the fun and relaxation today.

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