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Delight Yourself with An Enthralling Spa Experience

Everyone deserves a spa day every once in a while. Dubai is one such perfect destination to indulge in a world of luxe. Not everyone chooses to go to a spa for the same reason. While some may be merely pampering themselves, or unwinding after a long day, others could be in dire need of attaining relief from muscle aches and pains. A truly pleasurable spa experience requires customized sessions that cater to the unique needs of every individual. Here's a list of 10 tips that will make sure you enjoy every bit of your spa experience.

It is vital to speak to your therapist

Open Up

It is vital to speak to your therapist and let them know your expectations from the massage treatment. This information helps them curate the massage to your needs. Whether you solely seek relief from daily stress or chronic pains, you must let them know your goal. Be open with them so that they are able to help you get the most out of the session.


Hydrating your body has always proven to be beneficial, and the same rule applies when you go for a massage treatment. Ensure you drink plenty of water, both before and after your massage to keep your body hydrated. Avoid alcohol by all means, as it tends to dehydrate your body.


While its essential to stay hydrated, we cannot say the same for food. It is, in fact, best to avoid eating before your massage treatment. The ideal way is to book an appointment during a time when you are least likely to feel hungry. It prevents indigestion and bloating, further allowing you a better massage experience.

An aromatherapy massage must a reason of allergies


If you opt for an aromatherapy massage, you must be aware that it uses certain essential oils. The last thing you would want from your massage session is to end up with allergies on your body. As such, it is critical to check with your therapist about the oils before starting the treatment.


Discuss your aversions to oils, smells, or ingredients that may or may not be a part of your therapy. Some people have severe dislikes towards certain fragrances. In such a situation, even the slightest smell could distort your mood and turn your splendid experience into a disaster.

Be on Time

When booking an appointment at a luxury spa, it is vital for you to arrive on time. That way, you get the most out of your massage, both in terms of time and money spent. It is advisable to arrive early to make it in time for your confirmed 60-minute or 90-minute massage treatment.

While you are in your session, try your best to relax


While you are in your session, try your best to relax. Avoid any distractions like taking calls, emailing, or messaging. Give your body a break from the mundane routine and dive deep into the therapeutic experience while you begin to have a heavenly experience.

Point Out the Sensitive Areas

There is a misconception that the most beneficial massages are the ones that hurt the body. This is not entirely true, and you should inform the therapist beforehand about the sensitive regions in your body. A massage aims to bring relief to pain and not worsen the pain by adding extra pressure.

Quiet, Please

While communicating with your therapist may be necessary at certain moments, you must avoid excessive communication during your massage session. For a relaxing experience, and to calm your body and mind, you must be able to let loose and immerse yourself in the massage.

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